Re: Government funds for "Faith Based" homeless programs -

Thomas Cagle (
Sun, 30 May 1999 06:34:32 -0400

>AP Headlines - Tuesday May 25, 1999
>By SANDRA SOBIERAJ Associated Press Writer
>ATLANTA (AP) - As part of a ``new partnership'' between church
>and state, President Gore will ``dare to embrace'' faith-based
>programs with public funds and set policy with religious leaders at
>the table.
The grand-daddy of all faith based systems is the old parish house
system, St Bartholomew's stands head-shoulder- and waist above all the
rest. You may know it better by it's comon name bedlam.

Prayer has been only slightly less effective as a paliative for poor and
and disabled people than any other tried systems, excluding punative ones
like dunking or burning.

Um what does he want engraved over the door, "work shall set you free"?


Tom C 

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