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   Reading the Homeless
   By Eungjun Min
   Praeger Publishers. Westport, Conn. 1999. 240 pages
   LC 98-35370. ISBN 0-275-95950-3. C5950 $65.00
   Available 06/30/1999 (Status Information Updated 4/1/1999)
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  ** Description **

   As one of our country's major social problems, homelessness is often
   in the news. The media tend to portray the homeless as drunk, stoned,
   crazy, or sick individuals--a portrayal that is only partly accurate
   and represents an obstacle to our understanding of the wider social
   implications of this complex issue. This edited collection examines
   the various ways--both verbal and visual--in which the homeless have
   been portrayed by the media from the 1980s to the present day. The
   contributors apply different frameworks, ranging from phenomenology to
   culture studies, to analyze the characteristics, implications, and
   consequences of the stories and images disseminated by the media.

  ** Contents **

   -- Introduction
   -- For Cultural Interpretation: A Study of the Culture of Homelessness
   by John Fiske
   -- Covering the Homelessness: The Joyce Brown Story by Richard
   Campbell and Jimmie L. Reeves
   -- Re-Covering the Homeless: Hindsights on the Joyce Brown Story by
   Jimmie Reeves
   -- Media Image and the Culture of Homeless: Possibilities for
   Identification by Gerald Power
   -- Informing and Educating the Media--A Hopeful Perspective on the
   Media and the Homeless by Jeremy Reynalds
   -- Discourse Analysis of Television News on Public Antagonism against
   the Homeless by Insung Whang and Eungjun Min
   -- A Computational, Linguistic Analysis of the Representation of the
   Homeless in Electronic Media by Rebecca Ann Lind and James A. Danowski
   -- Blaming the Homeless: The Populist Aspect of Network T.V. News by
   Insung Whang and Eungjun Min
   -- Homelessness: The Other as Object by Eric Mark Kramer and Soobum
   -- From Tramps to Truth-Seekers: Images of the Homeless in Motion
   Pictures by Linda K. Fuller
   -- The Effect of Pictures on the Attribution of Homelessness by Andrew
   -- Japanese Furoosha (Bums) and Hoomuresu (Homeless): Living in the
   Shadow of Wealth by Richiko Ikeda and Eric M. Kramer
   -- Index


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