Re: Supervised Housing gives "disabled" homeless a haven & help?

Graeme Bacque (
Sat, 29 May 1999 20:57:14 -0400

Tom Boland wrote:

> Does the facility cited below seem like a place where _you_ would want to
> live?  Why or why not?

>From my point of view the purpose of housing should be _housing_ - period, full
stop The problem which arises when other resources or 'services' are bundled with
shelter arrangements is that one frequently has no choice but to accept these as
a prerequisite for being housed - whether or not they prove helpful or relevant
to the individual.

The immediate physical need for decent shelter should be the sole priority of any
housing initiative - while certainly people desire and need other resources to
assist them with personal issues these need to be implemented totally seperately
from the person's housing arrangement, and be completely voluntary in nature -
the person's human right to be housed cannot be conditional upon receipt of
'services' that people  may well not want or require.

> Would you move there if able from where _you_ stay now?  Why or why not?

After nearly seven years of living in shelters or bad rooming houses along with
several (thankfully fairly brief) stints on Toronto's streets, I moved into a
subsidized housing project in January of 1988. I'm still at the same address

This project is for single adults (it was the first project of it's kind in the
Province of Ontario. Prior to 1988 only families or persons with disabilities
were elegible for subsidized housing in Ontario). While management is available
to assist tenants (including making referrals to outside resources) the purpose
of the building itself is housing - period. It is entirely at the tenants'  own
discretion whether or not to seek outside  support around personal issues - the
housing itself isn't conditional on people doing this.

I value my own privacy and independence very highly and frankly I wouldn't have
it any other way.