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Tom Boland (
Sat, 29 May 1999 11:57:13 -0700 (PDT)

Graeme Bacque <> wrote:
>I need a favor - I'm looking for info about the community of homeless
>persons that used to exist in Tompkins Square Park in New York -
>specifically related to how people organized/structured their community
>environment re: security, decision-making, tasks, all that kind of

Graeme, I'll check.

Tompkins Square Park was the USA's most famous "squat eviction" and
involved folks who published "The Shadow" newsmagazine, which I thought had
a class war slant.  Pacifists like me used to try to convince them that
nonviolence is the best protest strategy.

We have some NYC HPNers, indluding the editor of it's current street paper
(title = Street News?).  More later. - Tom

PS: I think there's stuff on the Net about TSP squat eviction.  So a search
would turn something up.

The Dos Blocos folks might be a good contact.  (Search under
(where anyone can read this month's HPN posts). -- Tom B

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