Re: Officer kills "bum" for "crime' of being in a business district?
Fri, 28 May 1999 08:39:53 EDT writes:


  Four years ago, in Colorado Springs, within eight months, our police 
department shot and killed two mentally ill men. One was homeless, one was 
not. The first, Richard Deerfield, was cornered in the bathroom of the 
downtown Catholic cathedral after causing a disruption. He drew a knife and 
was shot and killed. It was ruled justifiable and, several months later, the 
three officers involved were given Medals of Valor for executing this 
homeless mentally illl man. The status quo loving Catholic Diosicese ruled 
that resancitification of the Cathedral (traditional for a church to do if a 
murder occurs in the premesis) was not necessary.
  Then later in the year, another cop, called to a disturbance, shot and 
killed a mentally ill man as he waved a wooden surveying stake about. This 
too, was ruled justifiable. These killings, and the lack of police 
accountability are the subject of "Fingers on the Trigger" a video that was 
shown on PBS a few months ago.
Matt Parkhouse, RN  Colorado Springs, CO