Re: Transient campers' makeshift homeless hovel rousted for health

Graeme Bacque (
Thu, 27 May 1999 22:16:07 -0400

Tom Boland wrote:

> Do you trust Salt Lake City officials' stated reasons for evicting homeless
> people from a local encampment, cited below?
> Is the language in the news-brief below unbiased?  Purely objective
> description free of moral value-judgment?  How can you tell?

No, I don't trust their reasoning. If they felt their reasons for this action
were justifiable why didn't they spell them out specifically instead of
applying empty generalizations such as 'health reasons'? They don't want to
display their bias (or lack of valid reason) so explanations or details are
deliberately avoided.

It's the same thing in the prison system - inmates are routinely violated and
denied even minimal rights on any pretext, with 'security reasons' being the
justification given. This translates basically to 'we're not gonna tell you our
_real_ reason (or we don't feel we even need one) so don't even ask.' Sorry
guys, but bullshit.