Transient campers' makeshift homeless hovel rousted for health

Tom Boland (
Thu, 27 May 1999 18:45:29 -0700 (PDT)

Do you trust Salt Lake City officials' stated reasons for evicting homeless
people from a local encampment, cited below?

Is the language in the news-brief below unbiased?  Purely objective
description free of moral value-judgment?  How can you tell?
FWD  [excerpt]

Salt Lake City Tribune - May 26, 1999

                  A transient camp near the northern edge of Salt Lake City
was swept clean on Monday by city health, police and watershed officials
citing health hazards. Located on a hill behind the Capitol, the makeshift
homeless hovel was discovered by workers at a nearby rock quarry. About
seven days ago, police notified residents at the camp that they would have
to move, said Salt Lake City police Sgt. Ken Hansen.

The camp was empty except for one man who said he was hiking when officers
arrived. There were no arrests. "Essentially, it's a sanitation activity to
make sure that we don't have health problems originating from activity of
the people around the camps," he said.


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