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>Should feeding the poor without permits be a crime?

IMHO, it depends what type permit you are referring to, I think a health
dept. permit should required.

>Is it useful and fair for government to require permission for people to
>help neighbors, such as feeding homeless people for free?

Feeding for free and requiring a permit. I don't see the relationship.
Unless you mean a permit that requires a fee?

>[Requiring government permits is] Useful to whom?

Useful to the folks who are feeding folks in that it requires them to take
responsibility for the food they are serving and maintain a clean and
healthy operation, useful for the folks being served in that they are
protected from possibly toxic foods.

>What and who motivates government officials to deter and shut down
>giveaways to poor people?

The what are the sickos who think it's funny to serve rat poison sandwiches
at midnight to street folks. The who are folks that don't think this is
correct and think everyone has a right to be feed good food served from
clean safe facilities. ------ s


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