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this may be useful.

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Subject: From_Families_USA: New TANF Guide


On March 22, 1999, HHS released a new guidance to state TANF and Medicaid
administrators that describes the new relationship between welfare and
Medicaid. The guide, Supporting Families in Transition: A Guide to Expanding
Health Coverage in the Post-Welfare Reform World informs states of their
responsibility to provide and process Medicaid applications independent of
cash welfare applications, and to continue to provide Medicaid and/or CHIP to
eligible families regardless of their eligibility for welfare. The guide also
informs states of available opportunities to provide Medicaid to more working
families by expanding eligibility levels, and discusses funding streams to pay
for such expansions. 

The guide is a clear, succint statement of federal law which state advocates
will find useful. It will also be helpful to reference with state
administrators as efforts continue to ensure that state welfare offices are
complying with federal law. 

You can download a copy of the guide at,
and the accompanying letter to state administrators at

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