Some candles only burn brightly

Thomas Cagle (
Mon, 24 May 1999 21:48:25 -0400

I take the keyboard of my computer to my lap to write these few words
they are the tiniest scraps of the sentiment that is beating in my breast
as I type.

Most regular ADAPTers did not know Steve Ingerson he showed up
irregularly on 'Crip--Chat' a nightly chat Bunny and I moderate. He was
14 and had a high neck fracture and other complications of a auto
acsident back a couple of years ago.

If ever we should have a "poster-child" Sti--as he was wont to use for a
handle should be one. Sti worked out on his own that he had to fight
stereotyping and ableism. Not just on one day but every day. He was not
very well directed in his anger when he first joined us. In fact he had
run over a substitute teachers foot for yelling at him (Sti).

Sti fought most all of his battles alone, protesting patronizing care
givers and health professionals who wanted most for Sti's parents to put
him in an institutional setting for 'his care and comfort'. His struggle
for acceptance and remaining in his own home were daunting and
relentless. Learning to hate not the person but their deeds was something
he made great strides in only the few months I knew him. 

Sti's parents in all fairness may not have told him what his health
status was, it was never stable--something Sti either never comprehended
or commented on. I knew though, because he would let slip out from time
to time just how many and profound his complications were. His parents
too supported Sti in every struggle.

Well Sti made it to his first action this May, and participated in what
had been a many months goal of his. He saw disabled people direct their
own care, come and go as they wanted--the promised land indeed for a boy
inna powerchair.

Sti I don't know if there is an afterlife, but son if anybody has earned
a place where there are curb-cuts everyplace you want one, health care
providers that speak to you like you have ears and are adult, you have
earned that place.

Sti participated in all three days of actions, returned home and passed
away sunday the 23rd of May from complications of his seizure disorder.
He is survived by his parents and sister.

Rest well son, your race is run. And run well indeed.

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