Poverty disability and acountability

Thomas Cagle (nh-adapt@juno.com)
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I am forwarding this whole thread on in hopes someone can make better
suggestions to Jewel than I can. This is off of a local list I run.
Replies are probably better sent direct to Jewel.
Tom C.

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Subject: Re: Gynecolgists are maiming and killing alot of unsupecting
women in this Country!!!
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 01:03:50 -0400

Dear Tom,
  By all means...I think I stumbled on something big here...I spoke to my
mom and we were discussing the issue I wrote at such length about...I
remembered she'd had an early hysterectomy too <runs in females, in my
"Yes, she said...I was about forty, they left my ovaries and they removed
those a couple of years after."  I asked her, "how do you know they
them mother, what proof do you have?"  "None, she admitted...They just
me they did and I believed them."  My point exactly...
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Subject: Gynecolgists are maiming and killing alot of unsupecting women
this Country!!!

> Jewel can I forward this on?
> Tom
> > Dear Tom,
   Hello, Jewel here...I thought about calling and I seriously do need to
 by your place soon...and hopefully get an updated character letter off
 you...You know how it is...unless you're born here you're forever an
 outsider.  I really do not mind helping people...but I must say, it can
 real costly after awhile...ie. my family...My mother has had problems
that I
 have been helping her with almost a year now <since visit last August>.
 had her birth certificate stolen and applied for her S.S. at her 62nd.
 last Sept.  She's lived in the States since about ten, married and
 five kids...worked most all of her life, has I.D. and a social security
 They've been holding her checks 'till they see her birth certificate
 <sigh>...Efforts have been a nightmare to get a copy of it for her..Born
 Egypt, to Brittish parents and then brought to The States at the end of
 WWII...  J.T. has been working with Immigration and me too and The
 Royal Air Force, and any other possible resources.  Her real dad is
 deceased, my step-grandpa is senile and caring for my Grandmother
 <Parkison's>  She is in a wheelchair and only talks baby
 brother died in 88 and her sister in Az. was Naturalized at any
 Mum is primary caretaker of my youngest sister <Schitzophrenic>.  My mom
 fought two yrs.+ to get her disabilty and my youngest brother has the
 condition...<Diff. Dad than me>...He had little problems.  My sister
 couldn't do the paper work...So J.T. and I called, they did the phone
 interview thing and sent papers.  We were there long enought ot help her
 fill them out, get them signed and a short couple o' mos. later she got
 back pay.  My mom took herself & sister and left the homeless shelter
 rented a room, for them both with old friends?  Atleast they had a
little $
 to survive on.  After about two checks, they shut it off...saying in
 reviewing her records...They never saw the word>Schitzophrenic...Just
 symptoms, list is long and even told my mom to pay them back the checks
 had gotten...'Cause  of a word...So they were back on the streets, my
 Step-dad <they're divorced> took her in, with the understanding that she
 to leave whenever he feels like it and such.
 Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea...
   My mom has no money, no car and has had no medical care herself for
 three yrs. or longer...I send her vitamins,calcium and non-addictive
 meds, toiltries, when I can...It's 'prolly next to no help?  Had to help
 few souls around here, mostly they all need advice mostly or clothes or
 whatever...*What I really wanted to discuss...My lawsuit over my ovary
 removed.  My Atty. quit on me just 6mos. prior to my Court date>Sept.
 The so-called "expert witness" he wrote in Mo. for 1,100 + sent one
 paragraph and he lied besides, seemed like he got 1st. surg. confused
 the real one done in 97?
   So on that alone, my Atty. quit on me and was even nastier...Sent a
copy of
 this letter full of lies to the offending Drs. Atty's.  The worm!!!  I
 shouldn't be a PROTESTER, I'm gettin' too weak and I just turned 45,
 myself...I have been reading the Adapter issues coming in, get outraged
 general...And I keep Screaming, who's out there helping us, DISABLED
 Besides a tiny handfull of do-gooders like you, Bunny, myself etc.
    Anyway, in closing, I consulted another atty. before throwing in the
 towel...I had to withdraw/dismiss my case by June 1st. or go pro-se.  We
 talked at length...I won't bore ya...Frustrated, I looked up and asked
 point blank..."look, if I were a little retarded woman and had paid
 caretakers, had been put in hosp. had only ovary removed supposedly,
 down and they discovered, it in fact was never removed...Or worse yet
 was benign for cancer> but lets say this same women's ovary was
 cancerous...what then?"  "You want the truth he said"...Yes, "she'd have
 gotten eaten up with cancer and died...I asked well since the
 community is well aware that if they leave even a fragment of an ovary
 behind in a woman...It can and usually grows back, with no cervics to
 it in an annual pap-smear, what then, how many women do you suppose were
 like me, left with an ovary that grew the size of a navel orange and
 in trying to remove the damn thing...and how many women are walking
 with their ovaries left behind, unaware?..."Could be thousands...But the
 Medical community just sweeps them literally under the rug...You fell on
 your belly and they saw yours in an x-ray...Most just go on to die if
 reason their's was removed was from disease and die"...If they get
 autopsied, then they see the silent killer, the gynecologist's are
 behind.  I got over a hundred pages of documentation, just for my own
 case...Histolgy reports and a letter from the surgeon that operated on
 saying he removed an entire ovary...I was never ever told of any
 ovarian remanent syndrome...Nothing...These Gynecologists are not
 telling...They do the hysterectomies, OFTEN leave one or both ovaries,
 I was told that mine would eventually have to come out...But what they
 say...Is the percentage is unbelieveably high that when they go back in
 pluck them out...They look exactly like adhesions and scar tissue from
 previous surgery and to quote the expert "Unless the GYN is unbelievably
 skilled, IT GET'S missed and left behind."  Gildna Radner, Gene Wilder's
 wife died of undetected ovarian cancer...So my new atty. say's I have to
 hire another expert witness, that will back me in a court room, get him
 file at 1st. attys. and he will take my case...As it is after all, a
 one...He further went on to say the courts want to see the smoking gun
 the bloody gloves.  I told him I was gonna try and "go public-with what
 gynecological Drs. are doing to our women in this Country and getting
 bucks to do it besides"  But Tom, I don't even know where to begin...

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