Re: ALERT: LA officials to move homeless encampment from Sunland-Tujunga

Anitra Freeman (
Sun, 23 May 1999 21:02:50 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 18 May 1999, mikala bembery wrote:

> I was speaking to a friend of mine who hails from DC. She was there the week 
> before the National Coalition for the Homeless conference. Her sister works 
> at a prison hospital right outside DC an was unable to get time off because 
> they were so busy at work.
> It seems that this was NATO week in DC and so the homeless must be swept 
> from the sidewalks and brought to the prison hospital - I guess you can't 
> have those foreign dignitaries seeing the third world nation  the government 
> tries so hard to pretend is not there.

Wow, Mikala.  While I was there at the conference, it seemed to me that
while I didn't see homeelss people being harassed -- I saw one sitting
on the sidewalk, one pushing his shopping cart through a squad of
Marines waiting near the White House, about twenty eating in a park -- I
also didn't see as many of them as I would expect to see in Seattle.  I
meant to check on how many homeless there actually are in DC, and hopw
they are usually treated.

Can you tell me more?
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