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Sun, 23 May 1999 17:44:44 -0700 (PDT)

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From: Seattle Displacement Coalition <>

Important Alert

Please Come.  Rainier Vista Residents Need Your Support to Save Their Homes

Rainier Vista Residents Invite you to an Important Press Conference to Save
their homes - 12:00 Noon Tues the 25th May.  at home of resident Susan
Bossert.  4123 Tamarak Dr. S.  in heart of Rainier Vista.  

SHA wants to demolish 481 units of decent public housing and we have a real
chance of stopping them with your help.  Come if you can and call Peter
Steinbrueck and urge him to write a letter opposing the demolition of
Rainier Vista.  At a time when there are 1000's of families on waiting lists
for public housing and 500+ homeless families sleeping under bridges,
shelters, and in cars, SHA's actions are truly criminal. Please Join Us On
Tues. See below for more details

Press Conference Called Press Conference Called Press Conference Called

Save Our Homes!
 Residents of Rainier Vista Call Press Conference to Protest SHA's Plan to
Demolish Their Homes

481 units of low income family housing and a healthy community would be

Residents of Rainier Vista will present their alternative and resident
petitions opposing SHA's plans, and offer tours of this important city
resource that SHA wants to destroy

Community Leaders also will be on hand to present a letter they will send to
HUD calling on them to deny SHA's request for federal dollars needed for
their planned demolition
	for more information, contact Susan Bossert:  723-3996		
	event sponsored by the Concerned Residents of Rainier Vista
	where and when:    12:00 Noon, Tuesday, May 25th, 4123 Tamarak Dr. S.
	The Home of Susan Bossert in Rainier Vista Public Housing Community:
Coming from downtown, go south on Rainier Avenue, then angle right on Martin
Luther King Way approximately three-quarters of a mile just past S. Dakota
Street, then left on Tamarak Dr. S. - 3rd house on the right in Rainier
Vista Community

	SHA's $35 million HOPE VI application calls for tearing out all new
streets, sidewalks, other infrastructure installed just two years ago at a
cost of over $5 million - residents were promised their homes would be
fixed-up not destroyed:
	This coming Tuesday, May 25th, 12:00 NOON, at the home of Susan
Bossert in Rainier Vista, the residents of Rainier Vista will hold a
press conference to announce their strong opposition to SHA's plan for
demolition of their homes and the destruction of their community.  
Ignoring two years of resident involvement and a promise to fix-up
Rainier Vista, SHA instead will submit a $35 million dollar HUD HOPE VI
application to tear down Rainier Vista (their application has been
hastily drawn up to meet a May 27th HUD application deadline). Under
SHA's plan - all 481 low income public housing units on site - serving
low income families would be removed to be replaced by a higher density
mixed income development that would include approximately 850 units.  
However, only 250 of those new units would be public housing and
affordable to very low income families while 500 of the new units would
be for higher income homeowners. In addition, $5 million worth of brand
new infrastructure - new streets, sidewalks, curbs, lighting, storm
drainage, parking, sewers (installed by SHA on site in the last two
years) will also be torn out.
	Rainier Vista residents have called this press conference to
protest the destruction of their homes and will present petitions signed
by many of the households opposing SHA's plan. Community leaders will
also be on hand to show their support for the residents and will present
a letter they are forwarding to the federal government opposing SHA's
plan. Rainier Vista residents also will offer the press an opportunity
to tour the site to demonstrate how wrong it is for SHA to seek removal
and tear out of perfectly good housing and brand new infrastructure.  
Residents will also offer their alternative for Rainier Vista - a fix-up
plan that would save all of their homes and cost 10's of millions less.
Rainier Vista is a viable community that works to serve low income
people and has for generations, helping thousands to get back on their
feet and move into larger society. It would be a crime to take millions
in precious limited federal housing dollars and use them to destroy the
type of housing that we most desperately need in our city.  Please plan
on attending to hear what the residents intend to do carry their message
to the City Council and to HUD!
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