Re: LA Cop Shoots Woman Dead

Mike Steindel (
Sat, 22 May 1999 23:55:30 -0700 (PDT)

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I do not trust the LAPD to do a proper internal investigation of this
shooting or any other. My reasons for this point of view are based upon
studies done by the christopher commision that recommend an outside
investigative source. They and I feel that Gil Garcetti the cities DA
and the LAPD are much to cozy to perform an objective investigation. 

I find it unreasonable for cops to have to shoot and kill someone over a
shopping cart. Is this what President clinton wants his 100 thousand
extra cops for. Lets go out and stop the pillage of the local vons
stores. Wanted Dead or Alive for possible shopping cart theft. Hey there
were two cops who should have been trained in subduing a suspect. What I
suspect is there were two cops who decided to show homeless and more or
less defenseless woman who's boss. Damn it all its bad enough that
people are getting life under three strikes in california for pizza
theft but capitol punishment for a cart. and the politicians wonder
where kids are learning about violence from. Pick up the paper and read
all about those who are there to protect and serve...   Well thats what
I think... mike

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