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don't believe the giuliani hype.

the fight has just begun!

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To: gardens@gybergal.com, Cyberpark <cyberpark@treebranch.com>
From: Beth Sopko <beth@tuna.net>
Subject: Action fax to Rudy

[The below message should be faxed to Rudolph Giuliani at (212) 788-7476]

Dear Rudy,

I am a member of/or a

___Youth Education Lifeline

___Lower East Side Collective

___Sex Panic

___More Gardens!


___The Church Ladies for Choice

___Moving Equipment Queer Harm Reduction Collective

___Reclaim the Streets

___WHAM! Women's Health Action and Mobilization

___Sex Trade Worker

___Taxi Driver




acting in solidarity with all of the above.

I am faxing you to demand that you...

___restore o8ur 1st Amendment rights to assemble, speak, and petition our
representatives by eliminating the fence around city hall and all rules
restricting protests and demonstrations,

___provide New York City's children with comprehensive HIV/AIDS education
and prevention materials,

___stop the closing of porn shops/strip clubs/queer cruuising spaces,

___stop the future sale of the remaining community gardens and develop a
plan to either map them as park land  or transfer them (and other public
space) to community-based not-for-profit organizations committed to
maintaining and expanding public green space,

___stop the seizure of public space for private use,

___rescind the sales of Charas/El Bohio and Dos Blockos and allow
communities a voice in the sale of city-owned properties in their

___immediately restore and increase city funding for HIV/AIDS education,
prevention, and treatment (and demand the same of Governor Pataki),

___provide city fundng for clean-syringe programs and appropriate drug
treatment on demand,

___stop harassing sex-trade workers, skateboarders, punks, ravers, and
anybody you see as undesirable,

___stop the "Disneyfication" of  our city,

___rescind New York's laws which restrict dancing and stop the harassment
of bars, clubs, and parties where we gather to celebrate life through open

___stop your war on communiuties of color and the poor, pay WEP workers a
fair living wage, and prosecute all claims of assault made against the

___permit artists, vendors, and squeegee men the right to earn a living by
allowing them to work on our streets and sidewalks,

___stop the planned sale of our hospitals and other medical serivces,.

___provide homeless individuals and families with safe permanent housing in
their appropriate communities,

___limit the number of apartments, homes, and residences that a
person/family/corporation may own to one, thereby providing affordable
housing to all New Yorkers by taking the profit out of real estate

___limit the number of Taxi Medallions an individual company may own to one,

___limit school class size to 20 students, stop your campaign to siphon
public funds out of our schools through vouchers, and think and think of
the children - not your political agenda,



___ stop your "quality-of-life" war on the city by doing all the above, and
by resigning in shame./

I feel that you have made this city unbearable and that you have taken the
life out of our carnival. Therefore, I demand that you fold your tent and
go back whence you came.