Re: Human Rights Video Show - June 3, 1999 - San Francisco, CA

Peace through Reason (
Thu, 20 May 1999 17:01:20 -0400

While you're showing your human rights video on June 3, 1999, we'll be
commemorating the 18th anniversary of the vigils for global nuclear
disarmament outside the White House.  

Hope you'll tip your hat in our direction when you're at the microphone,
and in the direction of Beijing, which will by then be experiencing June 4,
1999, the tenth anniversary of the shootings in Tiananmen Square.  

By the way, the vigilers outside the White House are still being arrested
or threatened with arrest, particularly since this war started in the

Did you know NATO is using U.S-supplied depleted uranium (that's
radioactive) artillery in Yugoslavia, now?

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