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HUD has released the third volume of The Rehab Guide, a series of nine
guidebooks to inform the design and construction industry of
state-of-the-art materials and innovative practices in housing
rehabilitation. The Rehab Guide focuses on building technology, materials,
components, and techniques rather than projects such as adding a new room.
Each volume will feature breakthrough materials, labor-saving tools, and
cost-cutting practices.  When complete, each volume in the series will cover
a distinct element of housing rehabilitation.

Entitled The Rehab Guide: Roofs, the third volume, was developed as a part
of the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH). It covers the
major roofing systems as well as protective strategies, energy and air
filtration issues, roofing materials, and gutters and downspouts. It uses
drawings and photographs to supplement written descriptions of several
components of the rehabilitation of roofs, including the following items:

*	Roof design.
*	Sheathing and flashing.
*	Underlayments and moisture barriers.
*	Wood shingles and shakes and asphalt shingles.
*	Low-slope and metal roofing.
*	Slate.
*	Clay, concrete, fiber-cement, and composite tile.
*	Gutter and leader systems.

Each easy-to-read chapter organizes information in four sections. "Essential
Knowledge" gives an overview of important issues, while "Techniques,
Materials, Tools" explains approaches to accomplishing the work. "Further
Reading" lists valuable resources and "Product Information" gives the names
and addresses of the manufacturers of the products, materials, systems, and
components mentioned in the text.

The Rehab Guide: Foundations was released last year. The remaining volumes
of The Rehab Guide, to be published over the next few years, will cover
several additional subjects: the rehabilitation of exterior walls; windows
and doors; partitions, ceilings, floors, and stairs; kitchens and baths;
electrical systems/electronics; HVAC/plumbing; and site work. Readers will
be able to assemble the nine spiral-bound guidebooks in a single three ring
notebook.  Copies are available for $5.00.  For more information or to order
online, visit the HUD USER web site at:

For more information on the PATH initiative, visit

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