nh-adapt: DHHS budget woes

Thomas Cagle (nh-adapt@juno.com)
Mon, 17 May 1999 21:39:43 -0400

Some of what has kept me busy of late in NH

From: nh-adapt
Subject: DHHS budget woes
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 20:00:01 -0400

OK Folks,
This here note is going to use a lot of tech talk. If you need more of an
explanation of terms I can provide them later. However there isn't a
whole lot of time to work out how you feel about it. Either we A.
Convince 50 republican legislature members that a 5% reduction in DHHS
isn't workable, or B. get by with less. Less PCA hours, less dental work,
less options for adaptive equipment. Less. A lot less. By way of what a
lot less means.

Things that are ongoing now. Acuity (ah-cue-ity) based payment for
nursing homes. Think of this as metered service, the sicker you are the
more services you need the more the nursing home can charge. This
lionizing by nursing homes of available funding has been exacerbated by
HUD's (Housing and Urban Development) 232 program that persists with
counting nursing home beds as "residences", EVEN though ADAPT has visited
HUD several times in the past few years (as we did again last week). This
innocuous looking program guarantees loans for the construction of AND
repurchase of nursing homes. Note the *repurchase*, funny if your not
making a big enough profit from your home--simply sell it back to
yourself at a higher price AND charge medicaid a higher per-bed fee.
Except oops NH and the feds have capped payments.... So demand a higher
price cause the folks you care for are sooooo sick. Adding even more
drive to keep every bed full and to medicalize the trivial. If you doubt
that the nursing home trade wants to stuff every bed with every available
body, go out on the web and look up an outfit "Voices Of the Retarded".
Hold on to your hat it gets better.

There is nothing in Governor Shaheen's budget to reduce the DD waiting
list. Closed head trauma and TBI folks kiss off. Childrens community
mental health supports, ditto, axed.

Adult community mental supports will also take a big hit as all are
presently underfunded and getting moneys shifted from other programs to
them. With this proposed budget that will stop.

There is much more but I am running out of time to type them. please find
out who your rep is and call them tomorrow!

MiCASSA personal assistance, coming to a legislature near you!
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