need editing help

Sandy Andrews (
Sat, 15 May 1999 15:11:03 -0700 (MST)

Hi everyone. 

As some of you know I am a student in ed media and computers...our main
technology conference this year is going to focus on innovative uses of
technology and the disadvantaged...I am putting in a proposal to present
Floaters, which is the program I work with, because I would like to see
about finally getting a grant for it. I would really like to give some PR
to the rest of the programs I appreciate, so especially if I get accepted,
i would welcome input on what to say about any of them...Tom...Virginia...

Anyway if you can, please look now at this paragraph and edit to your
hearts' content. you know what I am trying to say. This is the intro...the
replicable model I mention is the body I would love to
present a few words of what *you have to say about *your program...if you
want to be mentioned that is. 

I have to have this in by midnight & would love your input. The paper
itself is not due til some time in February. I would like to present truth
at that time to a bunch of idealistic educators... 

says the idealistic..


This paper will give an overview of the growing use of technology and of
the Internet among the homeless for networking, virtual community
building, sharing of information, and distribution of technology and other
resources. A closer look will then be taken at an ongoing and replicable
model of a grass-roots program designed to give technology to those who
would not otherwise have access, through placing control of the resources
and training in the hands of those affected. 

Since the inception of the Internet, educators have been concerned about
the widening information/technology gap between haves and the have-nots.  
Many of these online resources are founded and run by homeless/formerly
homeless themselves, thus illustrating a wide range of talents among those
generally thought to be incapable of such activities. It may be that
access to resources is the real need. 

As is true of other interest groups, the homeless have found the Internet
a place where they can network on their own; grassroots programs, run by
the homeless and formerly homeless, are among the most successful.
Educators can learn from these groups better ways of solving their
problems as well as the problem of homelessness.