ALERT: Dos Blocos NYC SQUAT EVICTED! 27 Apr 1999

Graeme Bacque (
Sat, 15 May 1999 16:15:30 -0400

From: rosaphil <>

 > it's the real estate developers and the oligarchs whose smiles must be
 > erased before positive change can come. the cops are innocent pawns.
 > and victims of the system that oppresses both squatter and cops alike.

 The cops freely and voluntarily choose the role they play and for the most
part are rewarded handsomely for their efforts on behalf of the status quo.
They get away on a daily basis  with acts of violence and lies that any
other citizen would go to prison for. That uniform is like a form of
diplomatic immunity (in most cases) from any kind of social or legal

 They could have just as easily chosen some other career which doesn't
involve (literally) life-and-death control over other citizens. To suggest
the police are 'innocent pawns' is the worst kind of naive political joke.