Fw: ACT-CUTS-ONT-L: Undercover cop and cattleprod

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  A group of poor people and anti-poverty advocates gathered at the Air
  Canada Centre in downtown Toronto today as Mike Harris was set to do a
  photo opportunity on workfare and welfare. We distributed to the media
  research studies on the overblown claims and damage being done by the
  Harris government's 21.6% welfare cuts, plus the more recent attempt to
  further demonize the poor by calling for mandatory drug testing for

  The police surrounding Harris were vicious. One undercover cop used a
  cattleprod (the police call these "asps", I believe) against one of the
  anti-poverty advocates. This particular officer was inside the building
  came running out. He dashed towards the advocate, who was being wrestled
  the ground, and stunned him with the cattleprod.

  The man with the prod was confronted, and he denied that he was a cop.

  Two of us went to the police sergeant and reported the incident. He said
  that the man with the cattleprod was indeed an undercover police officer.

  I am certainly no stranger to political events, but the atmosphere
  surrounding Harris is as chilling as anything that I have experienced.

 Question: why are the cops around Harris using such high-voltage technology
  against their critics? Harris is escalating the tension by allowing and
  condoning such tactics.

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