ALERT: Dos Blocos NYC SQUAT EVICTED! 27 Apr 1999 FWD

Tom Boland (
Sat, 15 May 1999 12:06:15 -0700 (PDT)


Subject: Dos Blocos-NYC Evicted!
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From: Mark Laskey <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 22:28:15 EDT

Thirteen squatters and their supporters were arrested, mostly on charges
of "obstructing governmental administration". The building was taken by
force and the squatters were evicted -- although the process took several
hours. The block is now in the hands of the police who are deciding in an
arbitrary way who is allowed to enter the 9th St. block which is still
officially "closed".

       *** Many, if not most, of the former "Dos Blocos" residents
             are now homeless.***

This is only the latest in a series of evictions of squats in the Lower
East Side. Many of the residents of "Dos Blocos" had already been evicted
from other squats in the last few years by the NYPD. Thus, there aren't
any open spaces in other squats left to take the latest group of

The cops on the scene seem to think that this is all a big
joke. One day the community will rise up and wipe the smirks off of their
obnoxious faces.

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