Canada Homelessness 1% Motion - email or fax minister Bradshaw

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	* Please forward this note to your Canadian mailing lists, and
	* Send a brief email or fax to the federal Homelessness
minister, Claudette Bradshaw, asking her to support motion M-604.
Her e-mail is and fax is (613) 992-8083.
	* Letters-to-the editor would also be very helpful.
	* Emails of support to Libby Davies can go to:
				*  *  *  *

	MP Libby Davies (Vancouver-East) and federal NDP Social Policy
Spokesperson has introduced a motion on homelessness (M-604) which has
been selected for debate in the House of Commons. It reads as follows:

	"That, in the opinion of this House, the government should
adopt a national housing strategy, that recognizes housing as a human
right and meets the goal of providing an additional 1% of federal
budgetary spending to meet basic housing needs in Canada."

	The motion will get at least one hour's debate - possibly as
early as the week of June 12, 1999.  It could get three hours and be
deemed voteable if we pass the next hurdle - which is getting it
through a committee that examines the "worthiness" of Private Members'