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I might suggest that the source of empowerment might be the Net.  If a
survey conducted on the net, collected testimony direct from the
experts on homelessness - namely the homeless - and consequently
produced a rebuttal to the Heritage report based on facts and not
fabrication, well, I think that would be very powerful stuff.  It would
at the very least put the Heritage Foundation and similar organizations
on notice.  It would expose their fabrications and discredit their
conclusions, in a word, empower the people.   Ultimately, recognition
of the homeless situation would be viewed from a whole new standpoint. 
A survey conducted on the net with eye witness reports (Homeless
families living on the streets, etc.), first hand testimony,
documented, verified and published. These are the necessary elements in
making a case.  Hard cold facts are pretty hard to cover up with lies,
damn lies and static's even for the Heritage Foundation.  

Welfare is big business.  Empires are built with tax free welfare
money.  Lets just see once and for all who is making the money and who
is getting rich on welfare.  The truth the whole truth and nothing but
the truth.

A fact that would drive the point home is:  How much money do people
get from Welfare?  How many food stamps?  How many in your family?  

It must be shown how totally inadequate the amounts are.  Also
determining how much money is actually needed to live in a civilized
manner. How much money is needed to live on each month?  This is a
critical question.  

Case in point:  With no income or resources, not a place to live, the
County determined and awarded me $75 a month total income and $120 a
month in food stamps.  I was trying to go to school at the time and
this didn't even pay for gas money much less rent.  However, that was
of no interest, "take it or leave it" was their response.   I took it
and after two months they decided that I was too poor, I guess, and cut
me off without a dime or an explanation.  That's when I found out that
if I wanted to challenge the disqualification it was a civil matter. 
More interestingly and what really started me investigating the issue
was I started getting billed for the money they awarded me.  They
billed me for $150 for the award and, now listen to this, $240 for the
food stamps.  How could they bill me for food stamps?  Food stamps are
a federal program.  And selling food stamps is a federal offense and
carries a sentence in Federal prison.  That the county was allowed to
sell the food stamps for profit made me furious. No one cared that this
was happening and there was no one to report it too.  That is until

Amount I need to live on each month.  $1500 cash.   Not goods, not
services but hard cold cash.  The only thing that can cure poverty is
hard cold cash.  Definition of poverty:  Lack of the means of providing
material needs or comforts.  How does $75 a month cure poverty?  Can't
buy shelter.  Can't buy utilities?  Can't buy gas or insurance or shoes
or stamps or any of the civilities.  People like Rector assume $75 a
month is plenty and it can buy all those things.  Let's prove him wrong
beyond a shadow of a doubt.  What I would like more than anything is
that Rector would be forced to live by the rules he has created.  I
think living like an animal with no food or shelter or income for just
6 months might be the cure he needs to begin to understand humanity.

Where is all the money going?  e.g.  Placer county gets 130 million
dollars a year for welfare.  It spends exactly 13 million on welfare
and 117 million on administrating it.  

David, now aren't you sorry you asked?  Never knowing whether or not I
am going to be able to access a computer I tend to write like there is
no tomorrow.  Just one last thought for the day.  There is no right way
to do the wrong thing.  Tell that to a judge.  chaio for now jeanne

--- Restore Hope in America <> wrote:
> Jeanne -
> Amen! Now how do we go about organizing an effective
> force to counter not
> only Rector's lies/innuendos/half truths, but more
> importanly to empower
> those on the bottom of our society?
> David R. Quammen
> Restore Hope In America
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