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Written by
Raleigh Myers
Ra Energy Fdn.


· Why kick starting?
· What is nihilism?
· What are the steps we need to take for citizen-progeny-planet empowerment?

We as a civilization have no planed direction _ we are led by
CHAOS(Conservative Hype Always Optimally Skewed). What we need a new broom clean sweep. One of our main stumbling blocks is that the means of production, our life support system, is controlled by a handful of
investors.  Governments, indentured by the same  moneyed minority, are
powerless to help the average citizen.

Civilization is suffering from no appreciation, no accomplishment, no hope _ nihilism.  People went from  sustainable local economies in the control or the end users to a supply side in the control of and for the enrichment  of the minority. The main reason is the straw man ‘Money’ between the citizen and his life support _ Corporations with personhood as well as limited liability, for moneyed investors to hide behind.  These privileges were voted by representative oligarchy, the revolving door corporate lawyers and CEO politicians.

The solution is a Chinese puzzle of sorts,  based on needs, rather than mimetic desire _ ATV positive syndrome.
We need to plot a workable, shareable course  redefining the edge of the envelope.

The phenomenon most feared by organized usury is not using their money
_capital. The debt that has been accrued globally, in the last three
decades, evolved mostly from the windfall profits from fossil fuel and
caused by cartel manipulation _ artificial inflation and planned scarcity. This skullduggery raised the price of everything, beginning in the early seventies, trapping  governments as well as citizens into debt due to the spiraling inflation. The windfall fossil fuel profits not only caused the debt but were the capital to invest in the debt. It is this inflation of all life support items due to the sudden rise in energy prices that devalues the purchasing power of our time and requires two in a household to support a declining standard of living.

Small groups working for needs and a sense of fairness, like the
sustainability training videos  depicted in the Waltons on TV  relating to their immediate community, is the key.

Changing our use habits from fossil fuel and multiple amenity
infrastructures to the consolidated amenity infrastructure of the Hydrogen Economy  radically changes the life support exercise from minority controlled to majority controlled.  Oil becomes non biodegradable building materials saving our forests for soil stabilization and CO2 sink. The energy comes from solar Hydrogen with over half the energy requirements eliminated through infrastructure consolidation, co-generation and self sufficiency.

Iceland is the first nation to declare itself in the Hydrogen Economy.
Germany is planing Hydrogen fueling stations. Praxair has a 250 mile
Hydrogen pipeline in Texas and  operates pipeline networks in the Gulf Coast area of Texas; Whiting, Ind.; Ontario, Calif.; Theodore, Ala.; Geismar, La.; Ecorse, Mich.; and Edmonton, Alberta, to supply hydrogen to customers in these areas..

Government becomes direct democracy by replacing representative oligarchy _ indentured government run by corporate lawyers and CEO politicians.  This velvet revolution is accomplished by a global plebiscite - open referenda or however long it takes to get two thirds  of the population of the planet to approve a  premise - global bill of rights for the empowerment of our progeny and planet.
Indentured government is replaced by small community units similar to the town meetings in Vermont _ direct democracy replaces representative oligarchy.  This is
accomplished by empowering  the citizens by establishing their own community Internet - Intranet as Evanston ILL and Charlot NC have done.

We need a clear understanding of  the real potential ‘edge of the
envelope’. We as a civilization need to make decisions based on our life support needs and the long range needs  of our progeny and planet not the profit craze of organized usury. We need to kick-start a civilization in a state of nihilism due to false enculturation and mind numbing CHAOS(Conservative Hype Always Optimally Skewed) This is expanded on our web site
just click on earth hour and take it from there. You will get to the URLs listed in the text.
Raleigh  Myers
Ra Energy Fdn.

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