1999 ASYLUM GATHERING @ Eugene OR: 5 days of music, politics, fun...

Agent Smiley (smiley_777@hotmail.com)
Wed, 12 May 1999 06:52:01 PDT

       A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

This year's Asylum gathering will take place June 11th through 15th, 1999 in 
the Cascadian wilderness just south-east of Eugene, OR.  It is loosely 
defined as an (eco-punk/hc/multi-countercultural) anarchist convergence with 
a radical environmentalist focus.  Come out for a short week of skill and 
info sharing, workshops, discussion, networking, music/noise and a variety 
of outdoor activities (camping, hiking, swimming, mooning Amtrak etc.). 
There will be direct action traning by Eugene Earth First!, rides to and 
from a local EF! tree-sit, and quite possibly the planning of a post-Asylum 
action to coincide with the June 18th international day of protest, action
and carnival (in financial centers, banking districts and multinational 
corporate power bases).  Contact us if you have ideas or would like to lead 
a workshop or if your band would like to play.  On June 1st there will be a 
list of confirmed workshops and bands, which you can hear by calling the 
voicemail.  On the early morning of June 11th (day 1), there will be 
directions out to the site (also on the voicemail).We need help distributing 
the flyer (or make your own), and if you do a zine it would be greatly 
appreciated if you could post it.  If you would like to help distro the 
flyer, let us know if you have access to a copy machine and leave your 
address on the voicemail and we'll try to get some out to you.  What to 
bring: camping gear, food, water, zines/records/flyers to sell/trade/give 
away, drums and various other noise makers.  As far as food goes, we will 
try to feed everyone, but we can't make any promises.  There is a food bank
at 7th and Polk in Eugene (with a list of other local free food resources) 
and we encourage you to bring up a food box if you can.  We are still in 
need of people with vans or trucks to volenteer to help out with rides from 
Eugene out to the site.  Let us know if you can help out.  Check the 
voicemail for updates.  See you in June!  (541)-302-4447 
suspect27@hotmail.com or as a last resort send a s.a.s.e. to ANTIPATHY /
P.O. Box 11703 / Eugene, OR 97440.

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