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 >Subject: BAD NEWS
 >University of Toronto
 >In April 1999 the University Affairs Board (of the University of Toronto
 >Council) unanimously passed the following motion:
 >"That the University of Toronto endorse the actions taken by the U of T
 >community in their efforts to assist the homeless in Toronto and that U
 >of T endorse the call made by the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee to
 >have homelessness declared a national disaster and for the development
 >and implementation of immediate short and long term humanitarian
 >On May 11 the President of the student council set out the following
 >11 May 1999      via email
 >From:   Chris Ramsaroop, President
 >   Students' Administrative Council
 >   University of Toronto  (tel 978-4911 x 228)
 >To:   UofT Homelessness Committee
 >Re:   Overturning the Homelessness Disaster Declaration
 >This Thursday, May 13, 1999 at 4:30pm U of T will be overturning
 >University Affairs Board unanimous support for declaring homelessness a
 >national disaster.
 >WE NEED SUPPORT:  phone President Prichard's office at 978-2121; e-mail
 >him at  thepresident@utoronto.ca; show up this Thursday, it's the last
 >item on the agenda.
 >I can not stress how important this decision will be. If they vote down
 >this motion, this will be a slap in the face for all the hard work all
 >of us have done this year. In fact I am absolutely disgusted that the
 >University would back down from supporting this motion.
 >I know many people feel the same anger that I feel, so I hope that many
 >on this list will show up to support this motion and let this
 >administration know that we will not let them get away with withdrawing
 >the declaration of homelessness as a national disaster.
 We must house our people!

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