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 09 May 1999
 Cape Flats street kids executed 
 THE bodies of four teenagers were found in a Cape Town suburb
 yesterday after the youths had been lined up and shot, write KEN
The executions, at Bonteheuwel on the Cape Flats, have baffled police
 and the community. The bodies were found lying close to each other
 along a railway line. All the youths had been shot once in the back of
 the head with a large-calibre handgun.
 They were well known in the area as they did not attend school and
 spent their days roaming the streets. The victims have been identified
 as Phillip Prins, 17, Ebrahim Adams, 16, Wayne Booysen, 19, and
 Anthony Hendricks, 19.
 Jasiem Scholtz, who lives near the murder scene, said he was woken by
 gunfire at about midnight.
 Police said it appeared that more than one person was involved in the
 killings but said there was no obvious motive. "It was not a gangland
 killing as the youths were not members of any gang as far as we know,"
 he said.
 "She could not take them in, and that is the last that anyone saw of
 them," he said. 
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