MA HEARING 6-2: Human Service & Child Care Workers Living Wage

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Action Alert [Boston]:
Hearing Scheduled at the [Massachusetts] State House For,

A Living Wage Bill For Human Service and Child Care Workers.

 The pay for many child care and human service workers, with the
responsibility to care for the states most vulnerable and precious
populations, is often paid at poverty levels.

 Starting pay in our field is only marginally higher than the starting
salary of cashier/baggers at Star Market or hamburger flipper at McDonalds.

 The low pay dramatically effects high rates of staff turn over, quality
of care and staff morale.

What you can do  to support the Living Wage bill:

 Come to the Committee Hearing:    June 2, 1999 At 10:30 A.M. in hearing
Room A-2 at the State House.  The Joint House and Senate committee on
commerce and Labor will hear the Living Wage Bill.   Show the committee
members this bill has support.  Make your presence felt.  Please call our
office and RSVP so we know who is coming.

 Please submit written testimony,  or oral testimony.  Call our office and
we will arrange for your testimony and/or help you craft it.

 If you live in the districts of committee members, call them in support of
the bill. (List of committee members and towns they represent are on the
back.) Please call our office so we can track the calls.  Leave your name
and the name of the legislator.

 Join the campaign.

Call MASS SERVE (617) 354-6471 Mail Box 3. Or e-mail

Summary of the living wage bill # H-3612

This bill would ensure that human service workers and support staff paid by
state funds in private agencies will earn a living wage of at least 135% of
the federal poverty line for a family of 4, or $10.50 per hour as of July 1,
1999, and indexed to the CPI


We are an organization of service and child care workers dedicated to
improving working conditions, wages, and quality of care.

                act-ma Peace Events in Massachusetts
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