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Members of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union will be attending the
Hague Appeal for Peace Conference, an international peace conference to
be held in The Hague, Netherlands, May 12 - May 15.  The conference will
be attended by over 4,000 people from across the world.

KWRU members will be presenting on panels and plenaries.  Cheri Honkala,
KWRU's director, will be speaking at the closing conference plenary, to
be attended by Kofi Anan, UN Secretary General.  The group will also be
internationally premiering the new video documentary "Outriders." This
video recounts the campaign of poor and unemployed families in the
Kensington Welfare Rights Union as they traveled across the United
States in June 1998 for their month-long New Freedom Bus Tour.

The Kensington Welfare Rights Union is part of the Poor Peoples'
Economic Human Rights Campaign, a national campaign comprised of over 40
poor people's organizations in the United States.  The campaign is
focused on building a movement to end poverty led by poor and homeless
people - those most affected by the problems of social inequality in the
United States.

The global peace conference takes place at a time in which the war is
happening in Kosovo and economic wars continue to happen at home.  Just
as homeless refugees are being created with every bomb dropped in
Yugoslavia, money is being denied in our federal budget priorities for
ending the rise in homeless refugees in the United States as well.  The
Kensington Welfare Rights Union will discuss the current crisis that
will result from the dismantling of the social welfare system as well as
efforts to organize a massive movement to eliminate the serious economic
violence of poverty.

Members of the Kensington Welfare Rights Union will be available to
speak to the press.  They can be reached at the KWRU office on Monday,
May 10 and at the HAP conference May 12-15.

Contact: Cheri Honkala
Kensington Welfare Rights Union
PO Box 50678
Philadelphia, PA 19132-9720
Phone: 215/203-1945
Fax:   215/203-1950

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