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intrigue and travel!

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Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 18:27:12 PDT
From: "Nicolas G." <>
Subject: Invitation to CAB-project


Please circulate widely

Invitation for couriers

This is invitation to the CAB-project. CAB is a mutual aid project of
anarchists and other libertarian revolutionaries.  It's aim is to share 
intellectual and material capacities of anarchist movements worldwide.
  Skills can't be sent by mail, and sending e.g: computers by mail is really 
expensive. And it's stupid to send anything valuable by mail to certain 
countries, especially to send it to anarchists.>Thus alternative mail 
network is needed - CAB is such a network. CAB will
create a meeting place for people who need couriers, and people who are 
willing to act as one - such people would be revolutionary tourists, 
travelling bands and so on.
   CAB will use the capacities of people who travel around for different 
reasons. Propably none of them will travel exclusively for CAB, but can act 
as couriers while travelling around as tourists, for private visitings of 
people they know, business journeys, congresses, or whatever reason they are 
on the road, on a train, on a plane or on some ship. CAB will try its 
couriers, that means to say, only people known to be trustworthy by people 
maintaining the network are allowed to carry valuable stuff. Anyway, we 
can't give anyone an insurance. Using CAB's services is your own 
responsibility and risk.
   At first, the meeting place will be an internet site. There will 
hopefully be a BBS version as well if someone able to maintain it will join 
the network. CAB lists offers of willing couriers and requests of people in 
need of one in it's website. Information about what kinds of information 
requests and offers should consist of will be sent when the network has 
  It's quite clear CAB can't compete with post companies for a long long 
time. Thus CAB gives priority to materials wich can't be safely or 
economically delivered by mail. Of course, when the network has started to 
run we may set up an internet exchange place for all the kinds of materials, 
whether couriers are needed for the exchange or not.
    Currently a closed e-mail list for starting the work has been set up, 
and CAB is seeking people willing to join it and to start further planning. 
When a website has been finally set up, it will be widely advertised. If you 
are willing to join this network, please send a message

subscribe cab_list

to, without subject line.

, and present yourself. Presentations will be saved and sent to all the new 
participators of the network. For more information about CAB, mail to

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