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From: Hilary Burger <>
Subject: 5/8 & 5/10 News of the Land Struggle in Brazil

News of the Land Struggle in Brazil

With representatives of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem
Terra (MST)

Landless Rural Workers' Movement

Born in response to the enormous economic disparity between
Brazil's land-owning elite and rural peasantry, the Landless Movement
has reclaimed over 7 million hectares of idle land from absentee owners
and settled some 200,000 families in the past 15 years. The MST
settlements, with permanent housing, schools and health centers, are
models of self-reliant development. A devastating drought in the
Northeast of Brazil, the pressures of the global economy, and cuts in
the land reform budget are new tests of the movement's capacities.

Representatives from the Movimento Sem Terra will participate in three
separate events in the Boston area, sponsored by Grassroots
International, in collaboration with the Brazilian Immigrant Center and
the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. The MST's tour
of the U.S. is co-sponsored by Global Exchange.

Saturday May 8

4-6:30 pm

Film screening of "O Som da Terra" (The Song of the Earth) and
discussion at the East Boston Ecumenical Community Center

28 Paris Street, East Boston (near Maverick T)

Contact: Anna Maria Dahora, 617-567-2750

7:30-9 pm

"An Evening in the Brazilian Countryside"

Public reception and discussion, co-sponsored by the Brazilian
Immigrant Center

Seton Auditorium, St. Elizabeth's Hospital, 736 Cambridge Street,

The evening is free, but donations to the MST are appreciated. Contact:
Katia, 617-783-8001

Monday May 10

4-6 pm

Presentation and discussion at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin
American Studies, moderated by David Cleary, Department of History,
Harvard University

61 Kirkland Street, Cambridge

Contact: Sona Bari, 617-524-1400 or Hilary Burger, 617-495-5435

Grassroots International is a private
Boston-based human rights and development agency working in Brazil,
Eritrea, Haiti, Mexico, and Palestine

The Brazilian Immigrant Center is a grassroots
community-based organization working to empower Brazilians in the
Greater Boston area through education, advocacy, organizing and
leadership building. They assist Brazilian immigrants with labor
disputes, educational questions, and immigration problems.

The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American
Studies at Harvard University works to increase knowledge
of the cultures, histories, environment, and contemporary affairs of
Latin America; foster cooperation and understanding among the people of
the Americas; and contribute to democracy, social progress, and
sustainable development throughout the hemishpere.

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