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Graeme Bacque (
Mon, 3 May 1999 01:37:36 -0400

Psychiatric survivors, artists, performers, activists, creative persons and
anyone concerned about human rights!
    Last year the American Psychiatric Association chose Toronto as the
locale for their annual convention. This event was met with a highly
successful protest organized by survivors of the horrific abuses
masquerading as 'treatment' of 'mental illness.'

    This year our city  is to be the site of the Canadian Psychiatric
Association's AGM. This second invasion in as many years by thousands of
shrinks and other advocates of biomedical social control will be touching
down at the Harbor Castle Westin Hotel on September 14-17.

    The CPA has never granted even token acknowledgement of the voices of
those they claim to be 'helping.' They were also among the first to
medically endorse the concept of 'false memory syndrome' - the notion that
most people who recover buried memories of past sexual abuse have in fact
had such recollections 'implanted' by unscrupulous or malicious therapists.
Such beliefs  have served to neatly obscure the all-too-common reality of
child sexual abuse.

We need to build an even bigger, more  theatrical, more militant fightback
this time!

This is a call to all activists, artists, performers,  musicians and other
creative angry people to unite with the psychiatric survivor community to
build a mass public theatrical presense outside this convention of evil.
With the daily sensationalistic media targetting survivors, and the likely
introduction of outpatient committal forced drugging legislation before the
end of this year, we are a community under siege. Remember - it could be you
next. We need your  support!

Bring your friends, bodies, minds, ideas and spirits!

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