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>             The Friendly Spike Theatre Band Presents
>         The Puzzle Factory Friendly Spike Acting Troupe
>                                In
>                          ANGELS OF 999
> An historical play of patient life at The Toronto Hospital for the Insane
>   Escaping over the wall. Confiscated letters. Exhausting work and no pay.
> Prison? How about a mental hospital? That's right - the Toronto Hospital
> for the Insane, in fact. If you were a patient at 999 Queen Street West in
> the late 1800s and early 1900s these things could have happened to you. It
> happened to Egbert. And to Coreen. Cynthia as well. Their stories, and
> others, are waiting to be told in the new play "Angels of 999" by Geoffrey
> Reaume. It is all based on the lives of real people, men and women who
> confined as psychiatric patients in Ontario's oldest mental institution.
>   But there is more to these people than the labels they were given. A lot
> more. Like how they struggled through years of adversity. How they made
> friends with people who were confined with them. How they tried to make a
> life for themselves in spite of all the obstacles they encountered.
>   So come down to the Theatre Centre to find out about what Emily wrote to
> the doctor. Or how Winston entertained his fellow inmates. Or discover the
> extraordinary talents of Angel Queen XIII. It's all about giving back
> voices to people who have too often been silenced and ignored because they
> were inmates of an insane asylum. Well, that silence is about to end with
> words of wisdom by people who were really there. Don't miss it!
> May 12-23,1999
> The Theatre Centre,1032 Queen Street West, Toronto
> For more info:(416) 516-4740