Tedrico's Page has been Updated (5/30)

Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Sat, 30 May 1998 04:41:54 PDT

Sat, May 30, 1998

Hi There!

     Tedrico's Page has been updated! The SURVEY SEZ responses have been 
tabulated and posted, as usual, under What's New:


     Let us Congratulate Andrew Rose, this week's NEW Tedrico's Page 
Voice of the Homeless Award Winner! You may read his award winning entry 


     What's NEW at Tedrico's Page ... Homeless Research Q & A!! Visit 
What's New to find your link to this latest site addition! Homeless 
Headlines, Shelters -N- Soup Kitchens: In the News, Can You Spare a 
Headline, Charitable Children News Flash, Upcoming Homelessness 
Conferences, Shelters -N- Soup Kitchens, Meet the Homeless, and 
Statistics Say have all been UPDATED this week!

     I'd like to Thank each and every one of you for visiting Tedrico's 
Page on a regular basis (those who do) and helping this 
site to achieve a 95.8% increase in visits, for the month of April 
as compared to March (when I changed servers)! Click on the 
following link to see the increase:


     Got questions that need to be answered for your upcoming 
homelessness related term paper, thesis, or other study? Why not submit 
them and let people in the know supply the answers for you using the NEW 
Homeless Research Questions and Answers segment! If French or Spanish is 
your native tounge ... no problem ... 
TRANSLATE the vast information on this site using the Homeless 
Information Language Translator. Ever wonder how and why so many 
Veterans are homeless today? Get the REAL deal on Homeless Vets 
under Homeless Veterans segment. Need a place to lay your head or 
get a bite to eat? You'll find it under the always updated Shelters -N- 
Soup Kitchens segment.

     Learn how you can improve your situation for FREE through the 
Homeless Online Betterment Opportunity Search (H.O.B.O.S), one of 
many of the broad spectrum of resources at Tedrico's Page!  SEE who the 
homeless are and FEEL what they are up against by reading their stories 
from the streets under the Meet the Homeless segment.  Learn how you can 
do your part and correctly teach your child to help the homeless on the 
Help for the Homeless page. For those of you who are still on the 
streets and don't know what to do during shelter shut down hours, visit 
the Closed Shelter Pass-Times page ... you'll find 
a way to make time go by here! Also, as always, catch up on the 
latest world news events & stay abreast of happenings in the world 
of the homeless, and a whole lot more, all at Tedrico's Page ..... "Your 
Informative Homelessness Resource!"

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