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               Friends Commitee on National Legislation [Quaker]

                      MAY 28, 1998

This update was prepared and uploaded at 4:00 pm on
Thursday, May 28.  It includes information and action

22, the House delayed approval of the conference report
on the Agricultural Research Bill (HR 2534).  The
conference report was carefully crafted to balance a
broad range of interests including crop insurance,
agriculture research, rural development, and food stamps
for documented immigrants in need. The bill would
provide $818 million (over five years) to the food stamp
program in order to restore eligibility to  250,000 of
the more than 900,000 documented immigrants who lost
their eligibility as a result of the 1996 welfare
overhaul.  Included in the eligibility restoration would
be children, elderly and disabled individuals, and
refugees.  The Senate has already approved the report by
an overwhelming 92-8 vote.

The House delay was caused by a maneuver by the House
leadership to strip the food stamp provisions from the
conference report.  The House rejected this attempt 289
to 120, but the report could not be passed before the
Memorial Day recess began.   The House vote reflected a
combination of factors, including a concern of
representatives from rural districts that, without the
food stamp provision, they will not get the crop
insurance which their constituents desire.

ACTION: (1) Please contact your representative.  Urge
her/him to support restoring food stamp eligibility for
documented immigrants and to press the House leadership
to bring the Conference Report (HR 2534) promptly to the
House floor for a final up or down vote, without other
procedural ploys.  (2) Please join advocates from across
the country on Thursday, June 4 for a National Call-In
Day.  Phone your representative in Washington (Capitol
switchboard: 202-224-3121) with your message.
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