Boston Rally to Welcome the New Freedom Bus: Mon. June 1st, 6PM

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Subject: The New Freedom Bus coming to Boston



CONTACT: 	Dottie Stevens, President
		Massachusetts Welfare Rights Union
		(617) 298-7311

		Jennifer Jones, Director
		Students Together Ending Poverty (STEP)
		(617) 522-6924

Rally to Welcome the New Freedom Bus to Boston

On the 50th Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, a New
=46reedom Bus is traveling to poor communities throughout the country
proclaiming Freedom from Unemployment, Hunger and Homelessness.  With its
arrival here locally, the Massachusetts Welfare Rights Union and the South
End/Lower Roxbury Housing & Planning Coalition are leading the Welcoming
Rally on Monday, June 1st at 6:00 PM on Columbus Avenue between Davenport
Street and Douglas Park Street (across from Carter Park).  The rally will
include music and speakers from the New Freedom Bus, the Massachusetts
Welfare Rights Union and the South End/Lower Roxbury Housing & Planning
Coalition.  The rally will also highlight the current struggle for the
city-owned land aiming to be developed by Northeastern University. =ECThe
struggle for affordable homeownership in lower Roxbury and the struggle to
get Northeastern University to stop landbanking its land is an economic
human rights issue and that=EDs exactly why SNAP is endorsing the Economic
Human Rights Campaign and the Freedom Bus=EE stated Pat Cusick, Director of

Signed by the United States in 1948, the United Nations Declaration of
Human Rights guarantees all people the right to food, housing, medical care
and living-wage jobs.  The poor people in this community and across the
country are joined by labor unions, professionals, the religious community,
students and working people in their belief that their economic human
rights are being violated.  =ECThe Freedom Bus is stopping in Boston because
hunger, homelessness and unemployment are no strangers here=EE, said Dottie
Stevens, President of the Massachusetts Welfare Rights Union.  =ECAnd this
Campaign is an effort to eliminate poverty everywhere=EE.

Spearheaded by the Philadelphia based Kensington Welfare Rights Union, the
Economic Human Rights Campaign is providing a forum for poor people to
speak to the economic issues that directly affect them, and lead in a
movement to end poverty in this country.  The local Campaign is endorsed by
the Women=EDs Alliance, Students Together Ending Poverty (STEP), ARISE, the
Greater Boston Labor Party, Survivor=EDs Inc., Working MA, Reproductive
Rights Network, Advocacy for Resources for Modern Survival (ARMS), South
End/Lower Roxbury Housing & Planning Coalition, and the South End
Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP).


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