Re: Is drug addiction usually a cause or consequence?

Bonnie Briggs (
Thu, 28 May 1998 14:23:40 PDT

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>    What would you say were the most common causes of someone becoming
>homeless.  Is drug addiction usually a cause or a consequence?  As a 
>future physician, or if I were to start up an organization catering to 
>health needs of the homeless, would you have any advice as to what 
>concerns need to be met first?
>Tedrico Latham

Bonnie Briggs
Hi gang,
  I'd say it is most often a consequence. Homeless people drink to 
escape from the street and it's attendent pressures and terrors. My 
husband and I were homeless at this time of year in 1987. That was 
because our landlord sold the house out from under us. We didn't find 
out about it until the deal was done. 
  As to what health concerns need to be dealt with first, I would say 
basic, preventative health care. Homeless people need housing and good 
food to remain healthy. We all know that TB is rampant on the streets 
and in the shelters. When you're on the streets, you are exposed to all 
manner of germs, illnesses, and diseases. Homeless people catch these 
diseases more readily because their immune systems are run down. Also, 
homeless people don't get the proper diet for good health. They may eat 
once a day, every other day, or not for several days. This does not 
promote good health. Homeless people eat a lot of starch, (i.e. Kraft 
Dinner). They also live off food from the food bank. A lot of this food 
is second-hand food, some of it's going bad, and it is heavy on starch 
and processed food. No one can remain heathy on this kind of steady 
diet. People need fresh vegetables and fruit, meat occasionally, (sorry 
vegans), and an array of foods on a steady basis to stay healthy. I 
believe this is where you need to focus your organization. I hope this 

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