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At 08:34 PM 26/05/1998 +0000, jennafer waggoner wrote:

>One thing I have to say Liberty, is that you are inspiring some
>discussion here.  I accept your answers as methodology built of your
>experience.  No arguing here, just exploring ideals.

Certainly inspiring discussion, although it seems some people cannot
tolerate views on this list other than those that are similar to
their own.  That is pathetic, and certainly does not make for an
educated, relevant discussion.  But, I did enjoy your post, despite
my disagreement with some (but not all) of your political views ... ;-)

>When I was young I had to move out of home pretty much in the woods.  I
>fended for myself and at the time was very proud of the fact that I was
>so independent and needed very little from mainstream society to survive.  

Why did you have to live in the woods? Didn't you have family?

>Self suffiency as a housed person, yes and no. I am finding that most of the 
>work I believe in doesn't pay.  Saving the world rarely generates an income. 

True ;-)

>I think if I had gotten money from the state, during the harshest times 
>of my homelessness it might have helped.  I was a little too convinced that
>resorting to welfare was a demeaning position in life, that I could not
>bear to have on my record.  I often wish that demeaning label had never
>been there, I could have found the help that I needed to get off the
>street without the suffering.  

Actually, being forced to turn to the state for the funds almost put me on 
the street, and it was a nice charming fellow I knew in the business dept. 
of a nearby university that offered me a job, that got me back on track.  
If I would have been on assistance much longer, I would have been dead.  

>Now, there is no help, because the dole is gone.  But the administrators
>who ran the welfare program, get off scott-free.  Little is known about the 
>millions bilked in the name of the Welfare Mom, in the name of the homeless.

I think you have a point there.  Over eighty percent of the monies going
to so-called welfare programs go to middle class social workers and
administrators, who in turn, rely on this system for their income.

>The remark about the Food and Money guide I had to reply to.  You feel
>it should be a guide to self sufficiency, I think that it already is.  A
>guide to the fact that there really is no food or money available for
>the poor.  Just to signify that agencies got some money on their behalf.

I see no dignity in being the recipient of charity either.  I prefer my own
business to supply me with an income, than to always have to go begging and
proving that I am "needy".

A program like this should teach people how to earn their own income,
and find new ways of approaching their problems.  I think that is what
I originally meant when I made those first comments.

Thanks again, Jennafer.