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Theodore Latham (
Thu, 28 May 1998 00:44:10 PDT

Well said Reuben (I presume) and thanks for responding! Que Dios de 
vendega y tu casa y tu familia :)


Tedrico Latham

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<> wrote:
>Spirit greetings to Theodore  and all
>Hi iam reuben :0)
>It was good to recieve and read your last email  :0)......
>Am thinking that homeless web sites are more than worth putting up, 
>for one the  new age of communcation which we are moving into through 
>the use of the net is  offering  homeless projects to unite and work 
>together in a way unknown this far.......Maybe also many homeless 
>themselves will get to use the net as a tool for personal growth and 
>recovery. Then also there are those who have not themselves been 
>homeless but know the "spirit" and know what it is to care to 
>act!......they also can find much infomation and communication with 
>others through the net.
>I lived on the streets in england for 10 yrs or so until 3 yrs ago, i 
>then moved here to canada in 97 and married. Along with others iam 
>now seeing my life dream come true, just north of toronto in a town 
>called buckhorn we have come into 30 acres of mostly forest where we 
>are to build "full circle farm" a homeless and animal sanctuary and 
>healing centre.
>Although i may have been homeless in england i dont know homelessness 
>in canada, if the sanctuary is to be successful then i need contact, 
>communication and infomation, the net is the only way our world is 
>going in order to not a good thought of being left behind 
>and so im thinking your site and others within homelessness are 
>NAMAS TE to all :0)

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