Ontario: Kingston Day of Action June 7-8/speakers sought FWD

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Wed, 27 May 1998 00:42:07 -0700 (PDT)

Subject:      Ontario: Kingston Day of Action
From:         ara@web.net
Date:         1998/05/21
Message-ID:   <6k2afq$mpu$1@news.missouri.edu>
Newsgroups:   misc.activism.progressive

Hi, my name is Harry Pilfold and i'm part of anti-racist action Kingston,
and the Kingston Action network. I'm writing to invite you to Kingston,
Ontario for the "community Day of Action" against the Harris Gov't on
Sunday June 7th, and Monday June 8th.

A whole series of exciting events are planned. Sunday will be a youth
"rock against Harris" event which I am helping to organize. We plan to
bring bands representing Punk, Hip-Hop, Alternative/Indie Rock, and Folk
music tastes so as to draw out as many area kids as possible. The show
begins at 4pm (doors open at 3), and ends at midnight. We expect as many
as 1500-2000 kids to come out at some time during the day (although only
4-500 at any one time).

Along with the bands we plan a "mock" trial of Premier Mike Harris, with
speakers acting as "witnesses" for the prosecution. We plan to end the day
by having harris judged by the crowd, and sentenced to Boot Camp, or hung
in effigy. Speakers so far include Pierre George -- brother of Dudley
George who was killed by the OPP at Harris's request, a youth speaker
from the Ontario coalition against poverty, a speaker on youth and
homelessness, a speaker from the Rising heights hot meal program, Low
income needs coalition (Kingston), ARA Kingston, CFS, and others.

We are trying to get a speaker from the Black Inmate Friends Assoc.,
Anarchist Black Cross(Montreal), Anti-Racist Action Toronto, and some
cool youth union organizers (like the young woman who organized
McDonald's in Quebec)...

If your organization wants to speak, and or have a booth at this event
please contact me ASAP, as we are fast filling up the speaking card. We
want radical speakers who can say more than "vote NDP at the next

After the show is over, at midnight, we are going to launch straight in to
the one day general strike, bussing youth to the Postal worker picket
lines (amongst others) to help SHUT THOSE WORK PLACES DOWN.

The next morning we are planning to shut down banks and other corporate
targets that haven't been shut down already by the unions. We want to make
the link between Harris, and the broader corporate offensive. We want to
make it clear that Dalton McGuinty (liberal leader), and Howard Hampton
(NDP leader) will be forced to carry out the same agenda. The same way
Chretien carries out the Mulroney legacy.

We want out of town people to meet us between 8:30 and 9am on Monday at
Confederation Basin (across from City Hall on Ontario St.). From there we
plan to go to the Postal worker lines, and when it is clear that the post
office is shut down we will move to close banks and other corporate
targets (locations to be announced on the day). We think this is an
important statement -- we donb't want the kingston Day of Action to be
another day in the park. We want action. Please support us in this.
Kingston is only a small town, and we think it is realistic to shut down
many of our targets. Help us.

For more info, or if you need help co-ordinating transport or a place to
crash please e-mail me (3hp9@qlink.queensu.ca). We want people to confirm
ASAP if they can come. We need to know our numbers if possible.

Thank you.


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