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Tue, 26 May 1998 22:13:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 26 May 1998, Liberty wrote:

> Graeme,
> At 11:04 PM 26/05/1998 -0400, Graeme Bacque wrote:
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> >Naturally you'd then blame them for the situation... why is it you seem to 
> >hold the lives of others in such low regard unless they appear to be
> behaving 
> >*precisely* as you would want them to?
> I don't hold anybody in low regard.  It is you that does this, Graeme.
> You certainly don't have any tolerance for views other than your own,
> do you not?  

I will answer your post to me later after some thought but I want to
insert some comments here. I do not believe that you 'don't hold anyone in
low regard.' This is a point I have been trying to make clear to you for
You come across as sarcastic, contemptous, superior and authoritarian and
you do this to people that REALLY don't need it and really don't deserve
it. You need to look at yourself. If you want some examples of what
I mean (they are to be found in almost every post) I will once again be
happy to provide you with them. I would even be happy to do this off list. 
I work six days a week and I would still be happy to do this. This list
should be a safe place for people who are, after all, living in difficult 

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> >Why do you even bother with this kind of list with your worldview, unless
> >it's to deliberately upset and hurt people?
> Why do you bother with this list if my views bother YOU so much?

Answer his question, Lillian. I've asked you this question many times. You
never answer it. I've pretty much concluded that you really get off on
upsetting and hurting people. I figure it makes you feel powerful . You
can't hurt me, anymore. You sure horrify me, though. You can take this as
a flame but, you know, I'm just speaking the truth. This thing you do is
really offensive, it's not the ideas I object to. I don't agree with yor
ideas and that's OK, you probably wouldn't agree with mine either. But
you know, lillian, you gotta stop treating people like they're shit and
thats just what you do.
I intend to keep telling you this until you start taking personal
responsibility for your behavior.

 Gwen Nelson


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