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Tue, 26 May 1998 23:26:12 -0400


At 11:04 PM 26/05/1998 -0400, Graeme Bacque wrote:

>Naturally you'd then blame them for the situation... why is it you seem to 
>hold the lives of others in such low regard unless they appear to be
>*precisely* as you would want them to?

I don't hold anybody in low regard.  It is you that does this, Graeme.
You certainly don't have any tolerance for views other than your own,
do you not?  

>You don't have any business setting the standards for other peoples' lives 
>and have no right to sit in judgement.

And, folks like you do?  How many times have you condemned people whose
life and position are significantly different than YOURS?  For example,
you don't even seem to think people involved in a business are human.
And, you're the epitome of tolerance?  I hate to see what is intolerant.

>Frankly, from what I heard about the occupation of the Flamingo, it sounded 
>like a much better situation for many of the participants than what they
>before - sounds like it did in fact enble a few people to actually escape
>streets. This wasn't for the reasons you claim, though.

They got the jobs they needed, Graeme, that's what counts ... not handouts.

>Why do you even bother with this kind of list with your worldview, unless
>it's to deliberately upset and hurt people?

Why do you bother with this list if my views bother YOU so much?