Graeme Bacque (
Tue, 26 May 1998 23:13:46 -0400

At 10:48 PM 5/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Yeah, just what the bunch of us want - sharing a porta potty with 100
>other people, and being the recipient of "charity".  However, it was a good
>move of the construction company that provided some of your folks jobs.
>That is capitalism at its best.  For some folks that want to tear down
>all the businesses and replace earned income with handouts, that would
>not be possible (esp. if the handout crowd manages to get taxes hiked high
>enough to put more businesses into bankruptcy - then there will be no more
>community-based businesses to help your folks), and yes, you are right - 
>most of the agencies that exist continue to exist for their basic self-
>interest and don't help anybody. 

And when capitalism at it's *worst* is manifest (as is inevitable - it
always eventually displays it's true colors) these same people, when their
labor is no longer required by the construction firm, will be summarily
discarded as if their lives were of no more consequence than a used wad of
toilet paper. Naturally you'd then blame them for the situation... why is
it you seem to hold the lives of others in such low regard unless they
appear to be behaving *precisely* as you would want them to? You don't have
any business setting the standards for other peoples' lives and have no
right to sit in judgement. Frankly, from what I heard about the occupation
of the Flamingo, it sounded like a much better situation for many of the
participants than what they faced before - sounds like it did in fact enble
a few people to actually escape the streets. This wasn't for the reasons
you claim, though.

Why do you even bother with this kind of list with your worldview, unless
it's to deliberately upset and hurt people?
APA - No Way!! Toronto, June 3, 1998