LA your RIGHTS on the street & with police in Los Angeles,

jennafer waggoner (
Tue, 26 May 1998 20:34:28 +0000

One thing I have to say Liberty, is that you are inspiring some
discussion here.  I accept your answers as methodology built of your
experience.  No arguing here, just exploring ideals.

To answer your question about whether or not I meet up to the self
sufficiency principles...  I almost answered them in the post,
originally but thought it would seem a little self promoting or egoizing
in the point.  But really self sufficient?  Hmm...  I waffle.  

When I was young I had to move out of home pretty much in the woods.  I
fended for myself and at the time was very proud of the fact that I was
so independent and needed very little from mainstream society to
survive.  Didn't have to move out with the wolves, most of them are now
gone.  Pacific Lumber company destroyed the National forest where I
lived.  Destroyed Peach Creek which was the home of many animals,
including myself.  Destroyed it for paper and for the purchase of now
useless land for condominiums, places I probably could never afford even
if I wanted them.

Self suffiency as a homeless person, yes and no.  I find that I can no
longer access natural common resources and therefore have to go to food
brokers and water brokers and land brokers for my sustenance in the
city.  I know a bit about edible plants and survival.  I spoke in an
earlier post that it would be nice to teach this type of survival to
homeless people to ease their suffering, not continue the condition

Self suffiency as a housed person, yes and no.  I am finding that most
of the work I believe in doesn't pay.  Saving the world rarely generates
an income.  Do I accept money from the state?  Well, no.  And I don't
pay any to the state either.  War Tax Resistance.  I think if I had
gotten money from the state, during the harshest times of my
homelessness it might have helped.  I was a little too convinced that
resorting to welfare was a demeaning position in life, that I could not
bear to have on my record.  I often wish that demeaning label had never
been there, I could have found the help that I needed to get off the
street without the suffering.  

Now, there is no help, because the dole is gone.  But the administrators
who ran the welfare program, get off scott-free.  Little is known about
the millions bilked in the name of the Welfare Mom, in the name of the

Does India really need to drop the bomb for us to pay attention as a
nation to our own weapons of mass destruction?  Does it take a 15 year
old to commit murder with a weapon for us to look at our ROTC programs
in school?  Our draft programs for the young?  Our war and violence
machine on TV?  Our Prozac industry that copyrighting the world?

I have no problem with you, personally Liberty.  I just wanted to state
that none of us are truly self sufficient, me included.

The remark about the Food and Money guide I had to reply to.  You feel
it should be a guide to self sufficiency, I think that it already is.  A
guide to the fact that there really is no food or money available for
the poor.  Just to signify that agencies got some money on their behalf.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, For All my Relatives

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