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Tue, 26 May 1998 22:47:26 -0400


At 07:43 PM 26/05/1998 +0000, jennafer waggoner wrote:

>I took over an abandoned motel called the Flamingo with other homeless
>activists.  We turned it into a cold wet weather shelter during a time
>when it was raining and the shelters were not operating.  Over 100 homeless 
>people, including a documented 40 homeless youth were allowed to come in and 
>have their own room at the Autonomous Federation of Flamingo.  We provided 3 
>meals a day, community came to support us with a porta potty.

Yeah, just what the bunch of us want - sharing a porta potty with 100
other people, and being the recipient of "charity".  However, it was a good
move of the construction company that provided some of your folks jobs.
That is capitalism at its best.  For some folks that want to tear down
all the businesses and replace earned income with handouts, that would
not be possible (esp. if the handout crowd manages to get taxes hiked high
enough to put more businesses into bankruptcy - then there will be no more
community-based businesses to help your folks), and yes, you are right - 
most of the agencies that exist continue to exist for their basic self-
interest and don't help anybody.