Re: LA your RIGHTS on the street & with police in Los Angeles,

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At 12:50 AM 26/05/1998 +0000, jennafer waggoner wrote:

>First of all, not one of us is self sufficient right now.  Every bit of
>your share of our community vital resources like food, land, water and
>technology have been taken from the common access and instead held for
>ransom by corporations and government who sell you back your own
>resources for money.  

OK, let's all move to the bushes and live among the wolves.  Sorry, m'am, 
not my choice of lifestyle.  So, whatcha gonna do about it?  Shut all the
businesses of the world down!  I say, good luck!

>Now, where do you get your money?  On trees?  I don't think so.  I think
>you get your money by depending on some corporation to pay you.

Nah, I get my money from many different sources, the best way to be
these days.  So, I don't have to depend on any one client to pay my
bills.  I have a diversity of interests in many different companies,
and I also provide certain services to individuals ... Yeah, in a way
you are still beholden to the clients, but then again, if I chose to 
live in makeshift commune which seems to be the lifestyle choice for
many of the people here, I would be beholden to the opinions and 
support of the other people in the commune ... and I certainly would 
not be welcome if I did not change my opinion and lifestyle to match 
theirs, and so forth ... that is certainly not self-sufficiency to me, 
still having to depend on other people with similar tastes, etc. and 
yeah, what happens when the commune falls apart due to interpersonal 
conflict, which is what I learned is a common experience?

>Unless you work for the social service system, of which you are paid out 
>of the same dependency pot of soup.  

I stay far away from the social service system as possible.

>True self sufficiency lies in not having to depend on anyone for
>maintaining your existence and your quality of life.  I doubt that you
>come close to being self sufficient, just a guess of mine.  

And, I suppose YOU meet your above definition? Yeah, right ... I still
got that land I talked about in an earlier post ... and it's even cheaper!;-)