Re: Numbers Dropping?

Liberty (
Tue, 26 May 1998 22:09:24 -0400

At 11:05 PM 24/05/1998 -0400, peace through reason wrote:

>Very patriotic -- in a Big Daddy Capitalistic sense -- for you to think so,
>Libby.  But there's another possible, perhaps far more likely, explanation
>for a possible decrease in the visibly homeless  --- the budding prison

Well, if ya keep holding those demonstrations, somebody is going to get
arrested, particularly if personal and business property is destroyed. A 
fellow earlier expressed a concern about rising crime in his neighbourhood, 
and the need to find a stronger lock for his door because he did not want
to get his computer and other personal artifacts stolen.  I certainly agree
with this fellow, but please remember - that only a few weeks ago, we had
somebody else on the list advocate criminal acts by the poor in order to
artificially redistribute wealth.  Would this same fellow want to have
one of these folks that want to commit a B 'n' E at his home to take his
computer?  After all, this is just redistributing the wealth ... is it not?

That my friend, is why the prison populations are going up.  And, my answer
to the question, should they be in prison?  My answer is NO!  I don't think
people that commit non-violent offenses should be in prison, but should take
responsibility in other ways, such as paying the victim back, working in
a work crew to earn money (which can be partially garnisheed and sent to
the victim and their families) or some other similar solution.

>No offense, Libby, perhaps Capitalism is the greatest religion.  Just the
>same, I know that more homeless people are being arrested for "crimes" like
>sleeping on public space, urinating in alleys, panhandling and disorderly
>conduct.  Maybe it is that factor, rather than a kinder, gentler, more
>prosperous capitalistic state, which accounts for disappearing street people.

Than, what are YOUR solutions?