CALL-IN Nobody radio show Wed. 7-8pm EST/Homeless Marathon on NPR

Tom Boland (
Tue, 26 May 1998 11:07:41 -0700 (PDT)

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Thanks for your enthusiastic response!  Some thoughts:

- first of all, tomorrow (Wed. the 26th) is the next special hour devoted
to my fellow nobodies.  So, I would appreciate any help you could give me
in spreading the word.  Even though the broadcast can only be heard on
WEOS, 89.7 FM in Geneva, NY, any "Nobody" (e.g. welfare mother, junkie,
homeless person, illegal immigrant) can call 800-213-9367 between 8 and 9
PM to be HEARD!!!

- second.  The next homelessness marathon WILL be on the NPR satellite.
It will run from 7PM, Wednesday January 27, 1999 to 9AM the following
Wednesday morning.  If you would really like to help, the best thing you
could do would be to contact your local non-commercial stations (college,
NPR, communnity, whatever) and tell them how you feel about the
marathon and/or feel them out about how they might feel about the
broadcast (I've already spoken to Chuck U. at the MIT station, but not
about the marathon).

Probbaly not many stations will take all 14 hours, but they're invited to
take any portion.  This is the kind of thing that snowballs, so the more
stations that can be gotten on board the better.  So far (it's very
early), my own station, WEOS in Geneva, NY and the new community radio
station in Syracuse, NY have signed on.



On Tue, 19 May 1998, Tom Boland wrote:

> Jeremy, I listened to the homeless marathon tapes all the way through.
> Loved it, especially our dialogs with "Barneycrat" and Paul Boden of Street
> Sheet.
> Thanks for mailing the tapes to me.  Keep me informed of your future plans.
> Hope you'll do more marathons.  (Who do I email at your station - or NPR -
> to help this happen again, with maybe a national audience?)
> Envoice the voiceless!  Seize the media!  Speak truth to power!  Turner and
> Murdoch, we're coming to git yah!--Tom

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