(en) Peltier denied parole; 10 yrs more without pa

Graeme Bacque (gbacque@arcos.org)
Tue, 26 May 1998 12:25:36 -0400

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>By Mahtowin Munro
>Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier was again denied
>parole on May 4. Supporters are asked to mobilize in
>Washington on June 27 for a demonstration of protest over
>Peltier's continued imprisonment.
>In recent years, Peltier's supporters have produced a
>mountain of evidence to prove that the U.S. government
>framed this American Indian Movement warrior for the 1975
>shooting deaths of two FBI agents on Pine Ridge Reservation
>in South Dakota. He began serving two consecutive life
>sentences in federal prisons in 1976.
>Peltier is viewed worldwide as a symbol of U.S. government
>repression directed against the Native struggle.
>The parole board announced it had rejected Peltier's
>request for release just a few hours after the parole
>hearing. Gina Chiala from the International Office of the
>Leonard Peltier Defense Committee said Peltier told her that
>the parole hearing "was a set-up."
>Peltier reported that board members said things like, "The
>government can't prove who is responsible for the agents'
>death, [but] someone has to pay," and, "We spoke with one of
>the agent's wives and she wants you to die in here. You will
>not receive another parole hearing until 2008."
>None of Peltier's lawyers was even allowed to speak at the
>Chiala stressed: "This should only reaffirm our commitment
>to Leonard's freedom. A couple of weeks before the hearing,
>when asked if he expected parole to be granted, he said, `I
>have no faith in this system.' Neither should we.
>"This is why all must mobilize to go to Washington, D.C.,
>on June 27 to show our outrage and commitment," Chiala
>concluded. "We must continue and strengthen this fight.
>Leonard Peltier stands for what we stand for: justice and
>respect for all life."
>The June 27 demonstration will be held in Washington at
>the Ellipse Park beginning at noon. Further information is
>available from the LPDC at (785) 842-5774 or e-mail
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